Southern Sippers: Tea Mocktails & Mock Toddies

It’s always time to brew fresh tea in the South, so why not use it as the base for another fine Southern sipping tradition – delicious, anytime mocktails and mock toddies. Mixing with green tea offers a delicate, slightly herbal note, while robust black tea is a bold, earthy backdrop for bright, fruity flavors.

First, brew some tea. Then craft some drinks.

Start with tea, hot or cold. Then layer some flavors, mix, and enjoy a perfect drink. Try these Luzianne Tea non-alcoholic favorites, sure to elevate any event whether it’s a luncheon with friends, a wellness-inspired happy hour, a party under the twinkling stars or a cozy afternoon on the sofa. Or simply use them as ideas for your own inspiration. Cheers!

Raspberry Royal Tea Mocktail

Recipe Raspberry Royal Tea mocktail

Sip some Southern charm.  This sparkly mocktail is made with homemade raspberry syrup, zingy ginger beer and Luzianne Iced Tea. It’s guaranteed to bring porch-ready refreshment to your day.

Spritzy Green Tea, Elderflower and Grapefruit Mocktail

Spritzy green tea elderflower recipe

This delicious mocktail is like a Southern front porch breeze – flowery, refreshing, and fizzing with charm and tradition.

Sweet Tea Honey Fizz Mocktail

Recipe Sweet Tea Honey Fizz

A festive mocktail recipe for porch, patio or “mocktail hour,” this delightful concoction is festive Southern tradition at its best.

Cranberry Tea Mock Toddy

Spritzy green tea elderflower recipe

A warming, non-alcoholic cup of comfort, the Cranberry Tea Mock Toddy was created by our friend Laurin of @thecollarfind and features tart cranberry, soothing hot tea and fresh orange juice.