The Right Tea for Iced Tea

Hands holding a tall glass of Luzianne Iced Tea on a porch

Authentic Southern Iced Tea

There’s nothing as refreshing and invigorating as a glass of home-brewed Luzianne® Iced Tea. Perhaps that’s because of all we do before you ever brew it, searching 5 continents for the perfect tea leaves and carefully selecting and specially blending them for iced tea.

Specially Blended for Iced Tea

The formula for our Luzianne® Iced Tea blend has been unchanged since we developed it in 1932. With the help of renowned tea masters and skilled production staff, we continue to craft one of the nation’s most popular iced teas – because refreshment is something you should never compromise on.

Mastering the Art of Tea

Can you taste when the right amount of rain has fallen on a tea leaf? There are a handful of tea masters in the world who can! Meet our 3rd-generation tea master, who follows an ages-old process of testing and blending to ensure each glass of Luzianne® Iced Tea has the same great taste.

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History of Luzianne® Tea

Our family business has focused on tea for 100+ years, and Luzianne® founder William B. Reily actually helped spread the popularity of iced tea in America. He blended tea specially to be poured over ice and enjoyed fresh, cold and crystal clear – and we’ve never strayed from his special blend, his standards for quality, or his desire to do what’s best for his customers.

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