Pitcher Perfect: Memorial Day Iced Tea Recipes


A pitcher of classic, ice-cold sweet tea is sure to be on the table at the all-important Memorial Day cookout, but it’s also a fine time to elevate your summer sipping traditions with a few of the endless ways we can add flavor to our most beloved summer beverage.

Our Top 5 Pitchers of Iced Tea

Refreshing fruit, fragrant herbs and homemade syrups can be blended with iced tea and served up in big pitchers, with flavors to suit every taste. We’ve selected our Top 5 recipes for iced tea by the pitcher, for you and your family to enjoy on Memorial Day and all summer long.

Southern Style Sweet Tea

classic iced tea in glass and pitcher

Every Southern family has a sweet tea recipe, and this one is ours. It’s as Southern as a biscuit, great with any dish from apple pie to baked ziti, and should always be available in the fridge.

Half and Half

Golfer Arnold Palmer's favorite iced tea and lemonade drink over ice, the Half 'n Half

Strong, flavorful iced tea and tart, sweet lemon combine to make the perfect refresher on a hot day. This drink was a favorite of golfing legend Arnold Palmer.

Mint Iced Tea

Tall glass of Luzianne Iced Tea with mint sprigs for garnish

There’s nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea infused with the flavor of fresh mint. This one’s always at the top of the list for a picnic, fish fry or backyard barbecue.

Summertime Citrus Iced Tea

Summertime citrus Luzianne Iced Tea with orange wheels as garnish on a wooden table

Strong Southern iced tea blended with lemon and orange juices, with extra zing from orange and lemon zest. Makes a delightful cookout, luncheon or brunch drink.

Hibiscus Iced Tea Strawberry Sangria

Two Glasses Of Hibiscus Tea Strawberry Sangria

Lightly sweetened Luzianne® Hibiscus Iced Tea replaces red wine, and sparkling Prosecco adds the fizz in this light, refreshing sangria. Add more sugar, if desired, and make ahead of time so the flavors can “marinate.”