Tea-Based Cocktails For Festing in Place

Take classic iced tea and give it some spirit, for cocktailing with New Orleans flair! Combining the earthy and acidic flavors of tea with booze, fruit, juices, bubbles and garnishes, is surprising and fun – a great way to kickstart a meal, add zip to a picnic or close-out the weekend. Check out these featured tea cocktail recipes for inspiration, or follow them to the…”tea”… And cliche though it may be, laissez les bon temps rouler!

Swamp Water

Swamp Water is a simple blend of vodka, Luzianne®️ Sweet Tea & Lemonade – a tea-spiked Arnold Palmer! For non-imbibers,  replace the liquor with lemon-lime soda or sparkling water for some bubbles.

Orange-Cranberry Sweet Iced Tea Cocktail

The sweet-tart taste of this Orange-Cranberry Luzianne®️ Sweet Tea cocktail is perfect for sipping into sunset and swaying to some silky jazz music.

Bourbon Iced Tea Punch

The Bourbon Iced Tea Punch is a stunner with a sturdy citrus kick and fragrant Luzianne®️ tea…

Hibiscus Iced Tea Strawberry Sangria

Lightly sweetened Luzianne®️ Hibiscus Iced Tea replaces red and sparkling wines, giving fizz to this light, refreshing sangria. Plan to make ahead for the flavors to develop.

Pineapple-Cinnamon Iced Tea Margarita

Luzianne®️ Iced tea adds bold flavor to this sweet, bright, summery drink. Delicious with spicy foods or barbecue, it’s a perfect party drink for porch, patio or pool.