Cozy up with a cuppa the South

Crisp autumn air and longer nights are here – signs that it’s time savor the holiday season with family and friends. Settle in and enjoy comfort foods, cozy blankets and nice cups of hot tea – simple pleasures that give us a deep appreciation for Southern hospitality and the comforts of home. From our family to yours, warm up your holidays with these festive fall and winter hot tea recipes.

Hot Honey Apple Tea

This aromatic hot tea drink fills the house with comforting scents of fall. Pour it into mugs and savor the warm flavors of honey, apples and spices. To make it a toddy, replace ¾ cup of the water with ¾ cup of apple-flavored bourbon.

Hot Buttered Rum and Tea Toddy

A heartwarming blend of freshly brewed Luzianne Tea and a homemade spiced butter that melts perfectly into every sip. Prepare the easy spiced butter from scratch to add some holiday flavor to each mug served.

Two clear mugs of Hot Buttered Rum and Tea Toddy, garnished with orange zest and made with Luzianne Unsweet Tea

Hot Holiday Spiced Tea

For fall tailgating, holiday entertaining, or anytime there’s a chill in the air, get cozy quick with this seasonal sipper full of fall spices. To keep it hot for a party, ladle it out of a slow cooker set to a low temperature.

Two tall mugs of hot holiday spiced tea toddy made with Luzianne ready to drink Green Tea with Honey

Southern Blends Teas: A unique take on pure Southern fun & refreshment

Warm up when it’s cold outside with Luzianne Southern Blends Teas, lovingly crafted by our tea experts with the South’s juiciest fruit, herbal and botanical flavors, including rose blossom, peach, pure honey and watermelon. They’re a delicious treat whenever you decide it’s teatime. For some extra tea-party flair for the holidays, try our Honeyed Peach Party Punch, made with Southern Blends Honeyed Peach Tea. It’s perfect for a Southern New Year’s Eve. 

Brightly colored tea cup of Southern Blends Honeyed Peach Tea with box of tea in background

Hot or iced, savor the good times with classic Luzianne Tea

In the South we drink iced tea all year long, of course, and if you get to catch up with loved ones over a pot of hot tea at teatime and sip a tall glass of iced tea with dinner, it’s been a perfect day. Either way, everyone will feel at home with the classic Southern taste of crystal clear Luzianne Tea. 

Steeping Pitcher of Tea