A sweet (tea) time at the Fried Chicken Fest

Fried chicken and sweet tea so good, it was like a family reunion

The National Fried Chicken Festival was the place to be on a beautiful late September weekend in New Orleans. Luzianne Tea was a proud sponsor, and we made sure to bring the comfort of a front porch right to the heart of the festivities. Imagine more than 200,000 fried chicken fans wandering from booth to booth, celebrating the art of fried chicken, and amidst all that crispy crunchy goodness, we found a cozy little spot to serve up ice-cold tea and share in Southern traditions.

samples of ice cold Luzianne Tea being served at a festival

Our little corner of Southern hospitali-tea 🙂

We set up our adorably customized Luzianne Tea trailer to be a sweet tea oasis, decked out with Luzianne charm and stocked with ice-cold samples of Luzianne® Tea and enough swag to make anyone feel like they’d hit the iced-tea jackpot. We shared 5,700 cups of tea and gave away over 4,560 prizes!

a little girl spinning the Luzianne wheel to win swag at a festival

Sweet moments, a tea cocktail and stories shared

Our little corner of the festival was filled with laughter and good conversation. We chatted with so many wonderful people, each sharing a bit of their world as we shared our brew. A tea cocktail recipe we created was also available for purchase at the festival – our Watermelon Ice Pick cocktail featuring Luzianne Green Tea with Watermelon and Tito’s® Vodka. Luzianne Tea was also featured at the Heinz “Food is Culture” stage as a mixer base for two cocktail recipes that were sampled to the crowd. It sure was a sweet day!

2 festival goers taking a picture in front of the Luzianne picture wall

Savoring the good times = can’t wait for the next time.

The fun of the Fried Chicken Festival 2023 has got us in full fall festival mode. We can’t wait to get to the next festival to see more of our Luzianne Tea family and share a laugh and a story – not to mention some authentic Southern sweet tea.

two red adirondack chairs with a red luzianne tea cooler in between them, on a sunny day at a festival